Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

week #55 coconuts and rain

Hey guys! 
this week was pretty slow on the work! the people that we have found arent super cool so we planted the seed and had to drop them! we are still on the hunt for those people that are ready to make covenants with God and change their lives! this week i had the opportunity to go on a full day exchange with Sister Brown Brown and it was the greatest! it was super weird being with her again but we had a blast in Ft Laud! we met this super cool Jamaican guy who was getting coconuts from his tree so while we were talking to him he asked if we wanted some. YOU JUST CANT SAY NO TO COCONUTS! so he opened them with his machete and we enjoyed some fresh coconuts while we taught him about the gospel! only in Florida! 
we were also invited to a tea party on saturday that a member had for her non member friends! it was so much fun to share the gospel with everyone as we ate cake and drank tea haha besides that nothing super cool happened! Sister Flavel and I got locked out in the pool area and took pictures near the water last Pday haha and today we will be going to the beach and explore the little shops!:) 
its been starting to rain daily too so its starting to be summer in Florida :) 

Week #54 battle scars

Hey everyone! 
This week was so so crazy! we found so many cool people! 
we have Shouna and her family of 6, anne and her 10 kids, shamecka and her 8 kids, val and her 8 kids, Thomas and Marc! they are super cute! i love finding families specially through knocking! knocking is seriously my favorite finding tool at this point! you just never knock who your gonna find behind the door! we had a super amazing zone conference last week #theriseoftheFFLM! where President explained more about where all the churches came from after Christ was crucified and his apostles were persecuted as well and the authority of God was taken away from the earth! man! it was so so good! it shows how much confusion there was before the church of Christ was restored again on the earth! 
besides all that cool info i totally fell Saturday morning while running!
i scrapped my knees, hands, and shoulder 
Sadly for all of you that is the only picture that i took for the week! hope you enjoy?:) 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Week #53 1 year out!!! wooh

in a couple of days i will be hitting my year mark! that is so so crazy! i cant believe time is flying so fast! we had interviews with President last week! they were so amazing! we talked a lot about the Book of Mormon and the Restoration of the Gospel of Christ and it was super cool! We also had a baptism this week and it was so great! his name is Curtis and Bishop Brown had been teaching him the Gospel for over a year and a half! he called bishop and told him he was ready for baptism we taught him and he is now on the path of salvation! :) this week was super super awesome! almost all of our investigators came to church and we were able to find so many people that are ready to learn! working hard here in the Promise land of South Florida:) have a good week :) 

                                          The DUNK zone
                                               when your fav Brazilian comes back to the states and visits you at church ​:) 
when Idaho and Florida meet

Monday, March 6, 2017

Week #52 When Texas Meets Florida

oh my goodness! what a great week! 
for Pday we had a little birthday party in Coral Springs and we played some volleyball and ate cake with the Zone! it was super fun! 
we had transfers as well and Sister Flavel and I are killing it in Ft Luad! its super fun to be with her! she is definitely getting used to our area... a little more sketchy than others ones for sure! 
we are working hard on trying to find all those people that are in need of the gospel! 
the biggest highlight of my whole week was able to see President and Sister Whetten in my ward! i totally freaked out when I saw them! 
sometimes God gives you amazing Tender Mercies that help you grow!