Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

week #64 unforgettable week

craziest week of my mission! 
this week we had the opportunity to clean our poor neglected house that probably hadn't been cleaned for over 3 years. we started on monday and by thursday we had to call for back up and the 4 elders on our district and our Zone Leaders came to the rescue! after many tears and struggles we were finally able to clean our house. it got to the point where we even had to bring the hose in the house to clean the floors. intense week. we vacuumed 4 cockroaches nests and probably around more than 200 cockroaches chilling just in the kitchen. 
MLC was super fun! we got special permission to drive with 4 other Zone Leaders so we all hopped in FT Myers Zone Leaders van and took a trip to Ft Laud. that was basically President and Sister Richardsons last MLC. it was super good but at the same time super sad! i love them both so much! 
the last highlight of our week was when we were in Naples! Sister Adams took me to 7s the greatest taco place in Naples and as we were getting in the car to drive somewhere to eat our tacos (we arent allowed to eat in the car) the car wouldnt start. turns out the battery died.... the Zone Leaders and the Bahia sisters came to the rescue again and we got special permission to eat in the car for the first time in my mission. #blessed. 
shout out to our DL for giving us his car to proselyte while they biked! 
we definetly have the greatest elders in the Nike Naples Zone! 
well enjoy the pics :) 

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