Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Thursday, July 6, 2017

week 67 raining miracles

This week was so so great! 
first of all JUAN GOT BAPTIZED!!! his baptism was Saturday and he was just shining the whole time! it was so special to see him walk into the waters of baptism! He was so prepared and ready to make this step and I am so thankful that we were able to be his guides in this journey! 
our week was crazy! we drove to Miami for our last Zone Conference with President Richardson and i definitely cried a little! we had to wake up at 6 and make our trip down to alligator Allie. i will send you a picture of what alligator allie looks like for those who are curious on what we see for 99 miles of the road.The conference was super good though! President gave us some good Doctrine on what a transform, resurrected and transfigured beings are. the APs also gave a training on OYMs (open your mouth) and how we can be more effective on talking to everyone and sharing the Gospel and the message of the Restoration. 
and of course we learned about drinking water and spraying from our one and only Sister Richardson! 
 we are still in the Process of teaching Issac, Pedro, Mizael and Heidi ( the coolest self referral I have ever gotten!) 3 of them are set to be baptized on July 8th so keep them in your prayers:) 

anyway. this week is going to be great! 
love you all! :) 

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