Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week 68 President Grans...?

things that happened this week.
1. Sister Adams and I walked home from the Church because our member gave us a ride to a baptism and because we wanted to teach our investigators after and she had a date we told her to go ahead and go on her date and after the lesson we walked home! it took us 51 minutes :) we basically sang hymns our whole way to the house as we made our trek. it was pretty fun but would not do it again! 
2. One of our members drove us to an appointment in Lehigh last week and coming back he basically almost ran over a guy who was standing in the middle of the street! "Good thing there was missionaries in the car, God protects his missionaries." 
3. We had an amazing time at church yesterday! the testimonies that were given were so strong and most of them about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! i love the members in our branch! they are all so so amazing and full of love! 

we had an area of the 70s come to our branch as well not only did he fist bump us in the chapel because we are sister missionaries but also gave us a really good class during the 2nd hour!! 

we will get to meet president Garns on Thursday with the rest of the Zone and we will have Missionary Leadership Council on Friday and talk to him as Leaders of the mission which I am super excited about! not so excited for the drive done Alligator allie to Ft Laud but it'll be good! 
I love you all! Happy 4th of July!! 
We'll be having a Zone Activity to celebrate :) 
I only have pics of Sister Adams this week so here it is:

1. Accounting with the DLs on monday nights.
2.Victory Picture after walking home 
3.Lightning before we cross the ocean 
4. Lightning hitting the ocean as I was driving us home through a storm.

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