Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

week #73 Departing Interview and MLC

Hey this week was super busy! 
so we had a couple of exchanges with the Sisters which are always a party! i love all of them so much! they are all so loving and hard working! we are blessed with the best! 
I had my last District Training! Elder Anderson really gave the greatest DT and also made us give Elder Thatcher a makeover as a representation of stepping out of your comfort zone (pictures will be sent!) he still loves us... kind of.. 
we had MLC as well! we took our monthly road trip to Ft Lauderdale and it was so great! super spiritual and many great things were disused  during the meeting with our President! this mission is going towards the greatest path its ever gone!! 
I had my Departing Interview with President Garns and it was so great! he gave me so many great tools on self reliance, keeping my missionary routine and some other Gospel doctrine topics! He is super great and called me by my first name which was pretty weird!  
finally this morning we got pranked by the Elders and a member of their ward at 5 am! more details will be given when I get home.. 

I am super excited for this week! we are so busy! which is good!! we'll have our Zone Conference tomorrow down in Miami so we have another great drive ahead of us!! 

I love you all! see you next week! literally;)

Monday, July 31, 2017

week 72 baptism :)

so this week was a little different! 
Sister Adams was sick the whole week so we stayed home the whole week! 
I got lucky to go on exchanges in my baby area which brought so many memories back! I got to visit some of the members and re-knock streets that I got to knock over a year ago! 
We also had a baptism!! Jude got baptized! He was so happy! literally smiling the whole time!! times like these just make up for all the rejections and hard stuff that we go through! it was so amazing to see him change and enter into the waters of baptism! He is excited to go back to Haiti at the end of the month and share the Gospel with his family there! :) 
Besides that I basically worked on a puzzle, watched church movies and read my scriptures the whole week! 
Time is going by so fast! I cant even believe it! This week we will be having 3 exchanges with some of the sisters as well as Mission Leadership Council on Friday so we will be making our monthly trip to Ft Lauderdale with the Zone Leaders again! It'll be super good:) 
i love you all! :) 

Week 71 immokalee life

hey hey! 
this week was pretty great! we are still going hard and searching for those that are ready for the Gospel! we sadly had to drop a couple of investigators but God provided us with more YSA! I love this area and our YSA branch! everyone is so loving! they care and watch out for us so much! Im super greatful for all of them! 
We were able to do 2 exchanges with the Sisters in Naples this past week! it was super fun! I love all 4 of them so much! they are super crazy and out going! :) I love learning from each one of our sisters and helping them as well become better! 
We as well had our goodbye dinner with Thiago! :( we took him to cracker barrel to have "southern food" since he was going back to Brazil! He is super awesome! He basically came to America to be converted to the Gospel of Jesus Christ! He'll definitely be missed in the Branch:( 
other than that..
we drove to Immokalee this week. thats basically the only picture that I took... our 1 hour trip to the middle of nowhere! it was pretty fabulous! its just driving through the Everglades! 
today we are gonna go to Bass Pros and buy some shirts and chill the rest of the day. knock some doors at 6, go to FHE and account with  the District Leaders of our sisters tonight. We decided that we are going to have FHE accounting calls with them to make them fun. 
well! I hope you all have a great week:) i love you all so much and Im definitely excited to see you all soon! :) 

Monday, July 17, 2017

Week 70 Party in the YSA

Hey hey! 
hope all of you are having a great Monday
so our week was super good! we have been on bikes this week because we are low on miles but its okay! we get to meet pretty cool people when we bike! we had to drop a couple of people we were working with. its always super sad but I know that they will come back when they are ready! after all we want to teach repentance and baptize converts! 
we are still working with Pedro and Jude! they are set to be baptized on the 30th of July they are super awesome! i love them so much! they both have gone through so much stuff but I know that no matter what we go through they Gospel of Christ will always bring us the joy and happiness that we need! 

One of our Recent Converts Thiago is moving back to Brazil! it makes us really sad but he is returning as a member of the church! we are going to miss him so much! :( 
Sister Adams and I are really focusing on achieving the goals that we have set ourselves for this tranfer! we are going to kill it here in Estero for my last transfer! Im super excited to be with her for one more and have many more adventures! 

i love you all so much! thank you for all the things you do for us here in the field! Its a blessing to be out here! I know that as you serve others God is able to change you in ways that you didnt know were possible! 
1. Thiago :) 
2.we found a turtle on a way to a lesson
3. acai bowl (Brazilian) 

Week 69 12 miles through the Everglades

Hey Hey! 
this week was so awesome! so I will be finishing my mission here in Estero! Sister Adams will actually continue to be my comp! we are super excited to be working together!:) 
its so crazy how time flies! I feel like i came in a month ago and I Basically have a month left! Ive learned and change in so many different ways each day so Im excited to finish strong and become fully the person that God needs me to be! 

nothing cool happened this week! we had a 4th of July activity with other missionaries on monday and on tuesday one of our recent converts from Brazil cooked us chicken heart! it was wayyyy good!! 

we got to bike through the everglades this morning! for those of you that dont know what it is, its a swamp infested with alligators! the trail is 12 miles long and most of the Zone came to bike it! I basically almost died half way through it but we made it:) def not doing it ever again!
we have a bunch of pics for this week so here they are:)  
1. I got pulled over 
2. MLC. the west coast crew!!
the rest are the everglades 

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Week 68 President Grans...?

things that happened this week.
1. Sister Adams and I walked home from the Church because our member gave us a ride to a baptism and because we wanted to teach our investigators after and she had a date we told her to go ahead and go on her date and after the lesson we walked home! it took us 51 minutes :) we basically sang hymns our whole way to the house as we made our trek. it was pretty fun but would not do it again! 
2. One of our members drove us to an appointment in Lehigh last week and coming back he basically almost ran over a guy who was standing in the middle of the street! "Good thing there was missionaries in the car, God protects his missionaries." 
3. We had an amazing time at church yesterday! the testimonies that were given were so strong and most of them about the Atonement of Jesus Christ! i love the members in our branch! they are all so so amazing and full of love! 

we had an area of the 70s come to our branch as well not only did he fist bump us in the chapel because we are sister missionaries but also gave us a really good class during the 2nd hour!! 

we will get to meet president Garns on Thursday with the rest of the Zone and we will have Missionary Leadership Council on Friday and talk to him as Leaders of the mission which I am super excited about! not so excited for the drive done Alligator allie to Ft Laud but it'll be good! 
I love you all! Happy 4th of July!! 
We'll be having a Zone Activity to celebrate :) 
I only have pics of Sister Adams this week so here it is:

1. Accounting with the DLs on monday nights.
2.Victory Picture after walking home 
3.Lightning before we cross the ocean 
4. Lightning hitting the ocean as I was driving us home through a storm.

week 67 raining miracles

This week was so so great! 
first of all JUAN GOT BAPTIZED!!! his baptism was Saturday and he was just shining the whole time! it was so special to see him walk into the waters of baptism! He was so prepared and ready to make this step and I am so thankful that we were able to be his guides in this journey! 
our week was crazy! we drove to Miami for our last Zone Conference with President Richardson and i definitely cried a little! we had to wake up at 6 and make our trip down to alligator Allie. i will send you a picture of what alligator allie looks like for those who are curious on what we see for 99 miles of the road.The conference was super good though! President gave us some good Doctrine on what a transform, resurrected and transfigured beings are. the APs also gave a training on OYMs (open your mouth) and how we can be more effective on talking to everyone and sharing the Gospel and the message of the Restoration. 
and of course we learned about drinking water and spraying from our one and only Sister Richardson! 
 we are still in the Process of teaching Issac, Pedro, Mizael and Heidi ( the coolest self referral I have ever gotten!) 3 of them are set to be baptized on July 8th so keep them in your prayers:) 

anyway. this week is going to be great! 
love you all! :)