Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Monday, March 28, 2016


Hey guys! its Preparation Day so i get to write you all again! 
Let me just start by saying how much i miss one and every single one of you! every single email Iget makes me smile and makes being away from all of you much easier. My week went great! we are teaching 3 investigators right now! its been so rough! specially an hermana from el salvador. her dad has a baptist church so its hard to teach her sometimes but she went to church yesterday and she is reading the Book of Mormon soooo thats good! ive learned so much! first of all about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. i decided to read the book of mormon 6 times in the next 18 months and i challenge everyone to read at least 4 pages a day and i testify that it will make a difference in your life and Heavenly Father will answer each and every single question you have. the food here is horrible. I only eat oat meal in the morning and salads for lunch and dinner. like every day. I am loosing sooo much weight. I am the only girl that actually wakes up and does her hair and make up. no one else gets ready... and no one works out. not even elders. I am the only one at the gym with my companion. (cause I make her work out). the new elders and sisters came in on Wednesday and its sooo amazing how much you change in a week and how much you learn. they're amazing! yesterday elder Ballard came and spoke for Easter! I know! it was amazing having an apostle here. if they put the devotional online you should all watch it cause I come out in the choir even though we didn't even go to rehearsal and i pretty much lip singed the whole thing. i also got my ticket and i leave the MTC on Wednesday April 5th! at 2 in the morning!!!!! my flight leaves at 5:55 and I land in Minneapolis at 9:24. then I leave at 10:00 am and land in Ft Lauderdale Florida at 2:34 PM. so MOM and DAD I will be calling you that day! I don't know at what time but be paying attention to the phone!! MOM send me my dads phone number! or be together so its easier please! i won't have a lot of time to call!! my mission president already sent me a letter telling me they will be picking me up and having dinner with them! 
I just wanna bear my testimony about our older brother Jesus Christ
I am so grateful for him and for the sacrifice he made so we can go back and live with our Heavenly Father again. as i was a the temple doing sealings I was thinking of how cool it is that we can have eternal life. we can live forever! the only reason we can is through Jesus Christ so repent often. always have his name in your conversations and feast upon his words. and i can testify  that by following his commandments, and reading the scriptures and enduring to the end he will not only bless you in this life but when we see him again he will personally thank you for standing up for him! remember to always be on the wall like samuel the lamanite. go the extra mile. 
-hermana Soto 

and if someone can contact PHIL henderson!!! i met hermana lance! shes so cool! she said you guys are pretty good friends! 
keep me in your prayers because the power of Satan is real. I've felt it and he is trying to bring me down every single minute. and also the spirit is sooo strong here that you are ALWAYS tired. its crazy!

okay bye! :(

Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 1 MTC

Hey guys! its Pday! 
so for my district its only Hermana viera ( my companion) and me. so its only us two in our class! but our zone is big! we are getting two more districts on Wednesday! the first day i was here we had devotional and my favorite part was when we sand we'll bring the world his truth" because instead of singing "we will be the Lords missionaries to bring the world his truth" we sang "and we are now the lords missionaries and well bring the worlds his truth." its crazy how just in one place (the MTC) there are people from all around the world going to different parts of the world .I've met people going to japan, Brazil, Russia. its amazing how in just one week they can all speak the language. in my zone they are all going to California, Mexico city, Bolivia and Washington DC. i am now the senior companion and i think the lord made me the senior companion so i can learn how to be humble. oh by the way! read 2 nephi ch 31! its sooo good! my favorite verse is 3! we got to go to the Provo city temple dedication and it was sooo amazing! we all truly felt the angels singing with us as we sang "the spirit of God". its amazing how the more temples we have, the less power Satan has in the world. I've also learned that having a testimony is not enough to survive in the world but we must be fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ. we all must turn out and help others like Christ did when the natural man would turn in and be selfish. we most love, serve and have compassion. so "get over yourselves and serve the lord" is what president Bernard told us. its about the children of God and not ourselves. Alma 23: 5-6 is also an amazing scripture. remember to always go with a plan when you talk to our heavenly father instead of just asking him for help.
 so in a normal day we wake up at 6 to get ready. we eat breakfast at 7. we have class at 7:30-12:30 we have lunch for 30 minutes, we work out for an hour then back to class until 5:30 then we have dinner for 30 minutes then back to class until 9:30. then we have 10:15- 10:30 for quiet time and we go to sleep at 10:30. today since its our Pday we got to go to the temple and we did sealings (as daughters). it was so amazing. the couple i got was so cute and he would look at his wife with so much love.
 i love you all so much! I'm so great-full for this Gospel and for the opportunity i have to represent our savior Jesus Christ. I've seen how much I've changed with just one week! i don't think you would recognize me cause i don't recognize myself. I can testify that Heavenly Father loves us, that he is our father and that he answers every single prayer. I've seen true miracles happen here. I know this gospel is the true gospel of Jesus Christ and I know that God is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow! 
Alisha! thank you sooo much for the care package! it made my day! 
I'll see you all next Monday! take care! 
-H​ermana Soto 
PS mom i only eat salads and fruit........... the food is horrible here.
and I leave after general conference.

                                                         Hermana Karina Renovato from our stake
                                                                       is in the MTC with her

Sunday, March 20, 2016


hey i have ten minutes to write you to tell you im still here! the days go by so fast here but i love it! ive learned so much in just 2 days! i am now the senior companion!!! yay! there is only two of us in the district! i forgot my companions name but shes great! I LOVE YOU guys so much! my Pdays are on monday so i will have more time to write you on monday! i am also going to the provo temple dedication sunday! the church is true and i can see how ive changed in just 2 days! thank you for everything youve done and i promise Heavenly Father is watching over you because im here! ive seen him answer my prayers already! its sooooo crazy! but i know he loves me and that ill do great! we are teaching our first investigator tomorrow at 8 am so we already prepared our lessons! this is going to go by sooooo fast! i love it! take care! post this on my blog MOM or facebook!
hermana Soto!
i write slow so im sorry i didnt get to write much......
keep me in your prayers!