Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Monday, April 25, 2016

W6 41 days????

hey guys!!!
sooo our investigator Jack is getting baptized this week!! i am sooo excited!!! he is super amazing!! he has a major in religious studies so he knows all religions!! we love going over to teach him about the restored gospel!! he ever tries to convince us why the Book Of Mormon is true, why Joseph Smith was called to restored the gospel and why all the other religions are not correct! he basically teaches us! its sooo funny!! hes super excited to be baptized!! he loves church and all the people in the ward! he calls us his friends and he tells everyone how grateful he is of us!! :) ive been working super hard!! all day everyday!! we talk to everyone and share messages with everyone! even our pizza delivery guy! ( who we are gonna teach) haha we have been visiting a less active (Nadja) from Brazil and she is going through such a hard time!! she really loves when we go over and read the Book of Mormon in Portuguese to her!! I love her sooo mcuh!!! We have been getting to get to know the Members more and they are sooo cool! one of them has a bunch of horses so we go and feed them!! their house is huge and their super cool!!! they are converse to the church and they have super cool stories about their lives (The PetchProm) we had a pig roast every year ( They buy a Pig, Shoot it and cook it) but they couldnt find one sooooo they made something else! the activity was cool through! there is also a sister from our ward who was Miss America! she is sooo pretty!! i love going over to their house!! her and her husband also teach a Book of Mormon class each Wednesday!! they are moving though!:( i absolutley love my mission!! each day is hard but i am literally walking side by side with Jesus and trying to find the people that are ready for his Gospel!!! i thought it would be easy to bring people to the church but its not easy because salvation is not easy!!! i encourge you all to pray for someone that needs the gospel and Heavenly father will put someone in your path that needs it! i know this church is true! and i testify that it is the same church that Jesus established on the earth! this is the last dispensation and Jesus will come and reign soon! so endure to the end!! i love you all!!! write me and send me tons of pics and letters.
 feeding horses at the PetchProms house...
 knocking doors!

Monday, April 18, 2016

W5 one month out???

first of all!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!! I love you soooo much and I miss you soooo much!!! I hope you have the most amazing day ever!!! Cape Coral has nothing to do!! someone email me things I can do here on mondays!!! we went to the shell factory and it was fun! we played golf...  anyway
so first of all I asked a pastor from some church to get baptize... haha we shared a prayer with him and I did it! he probably thinks I'm crazy! it was funny how he reacted!
 my week was great though!! I have been able to meet a lot of people! its so interesting how much people tell you about themselves when we go out and share prayers with them!. The weather is getting crazy!! its starting to rain and when it rains it floods!! :( the ward I am at is great! they feed us almost everyday (mostly pasta) and they are super sweet and give us a lot of names of people we can go share the gospel with!! I am trying sooo many types of food!! Brazilian, Colombian, Cuban, everything but mexican! its great!! the mosquitos are out and trying to kill me!! my legs are so tan and full of mosquito bites..... oh and a pitbull attacked us yesterday!! he was trying to bite us but I know that God was taking care of us cause he somehow couldn't bite us!! his mouth was literally on our legs...
 mom!! make sure you make my skype account and send me the information and make sure your account is already added to mine!! I'll let you know what time we are skyping another week!! but make sure its from a computer and that the wifi is working!!!! dont skype from a phone and be together!!! and if someone could keep me updated on hurricanes cause no one really tells you when they are happening......... sooooo please...... they happen every 10 years and the last one was 11 years ago sooo we might be expecting one this year!! my companion and I are great!! she is so amazing and is teaching me sooo many things!!! I hope you are all great!! I am reading in 2 nephi ch 18!!! where are yall reading??? just rememebr that the church is true!! God is our father in Heaven!! Joseph Smith was a prophet of God! and that we have living prophets today!! 
I love you all!! keep me updated in life!!! send pics!!!! letters and packages too ;)
Hermana Soto!!!

Monday, April 11, 2016

W4 I made it to Florida!!!

hey family and friends! 
I don't have much time to write now but here is how my week went! 
I got here on Tuesday and the mission president and his wife are super coool! this is a super strict mission and you obey the rules to the second. they took us to the ghetto place in Ft Lauderdale (Jamaican neighborhood) and they told us we had to go pray with them and ask them to get baptize. (this was at 8 at night) super sketchy and weird. I don't even know what to say about that. we stayed in a hotel and the next day they assigned us our areas! I am in Cape Coral for the next 12 weeks English speaking!!!! but we are teaching families from Brazil so i am being taught some Portuguese..... its 3 hours away from Ft Lauderdale! its not too hot right now. a member picked me up with my trainer (sister Peel) and drove us back. I haven't used my bike at all :) haha we have a car and 1000 miles so we use them wisely. we basically wake up study until 1 then we go see our gators which we only have two right now.... we have to go knocking for one hour and we ask people to pray and get baptize... it was so weird at first but its not bad now. people either say yes, they yell at us, cuz at us, or slam the door on our faces or sometimes look out the window and walk away. the ward is super nice. I am in an English area........ but they are all so sweet! the feed us most of the days and work with us soo well!! i am not near the ocean but there are a lot of rivers... and i have not seen an alligators..... just our investigators who we call gators. this is super hard.....
we also ask random people for water when we are knocking and they always give us some haha 
thank you for the package momma and papa bear!! I am gonna get cavities now!!;) haha but it was lovely!! made me cry!! anyways mission is hard but I love it. i can testify that this is the only true church on earth and i cant wait for the second coming!! i am currently starting on 2 nephi! so where are all of you on your readings?? 
i love you all sooo much and i hope your week goes amazing!! 
Here are some pictures

Monday, April 4, 2016

Finally my last day@ MTC W3

This is it! I leave to Florida tomorrow at 2 in the morning so MOM and DAD I will probably call you at like 4 in the morning... so sorry!! I am so excited!! in less than 24 hours I will be in someones living room testifying of our savior Jesus Christ! what a blessing that is! 
Conference was crazy here at the MTC! 10 hours of amazing council!! what a blessing we have to be part of the Church of Jesus Christ! what a blessing it is to live with our families for Eternity with our Heavenly Father and our Lord and Savior. Remember that we have commandments not to restrain us from doing things but to help us become like our father in Heaven!
 I testify that the Church of Jesus Christ of latter- day saints is the only true church on the earth! I know that as we follow our Savior and become like him we will be able to return to live with him as we repent from all of our sins, get baptize with the authority of the Priesthood. as we obtain the companionship of the Holy Ghost, and we endure to the end. I am so excited to be able to invite and help others come unto Christ. I pray for all of you and I hope you are all doing great! keep me updated with the world.
love Hermana Soto