Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

W11 Memorial Day Weekend

Hey guys! 
This week has been amazing! the Lord has truly provided us with more people to work with! we are now working with Dani and her family (Brazilians) Judi and her fam (Members referral) Jenna (a members granddaughter) and Mi​lly a girl we knocked into! they are super amazing and we are so happy to be teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
 I feel like my testimony has grown a lot this week! i love the Church of Jesus Christ more and more each day and i am so blessed to be part of it! i am almost done with the Book of Mormon! i need a few pages more but its so amazing the opportunity that we have to read it!
 this week we went to a brazilian party and it was so much fun! they fed us sooooo much! i love brazilian food!!! there is a virus going around and everyone is getting sick:( it kinda sucks but im Healthy soo... :) besides that.... i can do 30 push ups now! which i am very proud of and yesterday we washed our car in the rain at like 9 PM which was super fun and did all our chores and had a sleep over and right now we are gonna drive to the Island to look at the Ocean and buy some gifts :) i am super excited to see the ocean!!
 Hurricane season officially starts tomorrow so pray that we don't get one this year!! i love you all!! i hope you have an amazing week! 3 Nephi 13:31-33 is probably my favorite scripture this week!! those chapters in the Book of Mormon when Christ comes to the Americas are sooooo good!:) 
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love Hermana Soto

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Monday, May 23, 2016

W10 New transfers

This week was amazing! let me being by sharing the story about our A/C being broken! we had about 7 fans in the house for a couple of days because they couldnt fix it.... it was horrible!!! specially cause its getting super super hot!!! but it works now:) mosquitoes are crazy!! they are everywhere!! my legs look like Christmas trees cause I Ihave soo many!:( but you get used to them!!
 we went to a farmers market last week and bought guacamole! they literally made it in front of us! its sooo good!! we bought some bananas from mexico and some other fruit from Guatemala:) hey i found out I come home August 24th 2017:) sooo write that down in your calendars:) 
we got two new sisters sister Smith and Tibly! they are super cool! one is from Idaho and the other one is from Utah!, we are now teaching a family :) yay! so we have 4 possibly 6 new investigators! they are amazing! I love them! they are from brazil ( they make us food every time we go;)  yea! they love when we come over to teach them! they went to church this sundayy:) we are super happy about that! the Lord does provide!! I  had to give a talk about the Blessings of Eternal Marriage and I literally had 2 hours to prepare it! it went so great though:)
 its super hot and you are always sticky here! but life in the Cape Coral is great:) we are gonna go hang out with a sister from our ward that was Miss America ;)
 soooo have a good week! send me tons of emails and pictures and maybe i"ll share my brazilian food recipes with yall :)
 this is my district for this transfer :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

W9 2 Months out / transfers

we had pros. yesterday because transfers are this week:) I'm staying in Cape Coral for 6 more weeks with my trainer! but we are getting 2 new sisters in our house because sis. Bushman is going spanish speaking and Sis Anderson gets to go home after 18 months:)! this week nothing cool happen we had our interviews with President and it was super awkward haha but he told me that I would go spanish soon so hopefully next transfer I get to moved to the other side of Florida!
 we haven't found anyone to teach so we are still looking for our family! its all good! the Lord Provides!! but besides that life is great here in the Cape! Sister Lamb made us fried chicken and biscuits on sunday and they were soooo good!! the member take really good care of us! we have meals every day and they always buy us food:) I love it here! oh we broke someones bathroom yesterday.,... haha yeah... and we went into someones backyard to take a picture in their backyard. I don't think they were home.. we are gonna go to a farmers market right now and buy some fresh fruit (almost mango and coconut season) and eat sea food! haha if it doesnt rain cause its sooo cloudy.... we washed our car in the morning and it rained 10 .. Florida probs!!!!....
 I miss you all! I'm reading in Alma ch 51 right now! its sooooo good! i love the Book of Mormon!!! I hope you all have a great week! keep me updated in life send me pics and love!! 

Jacks birthday

our last day together

Today's weather

we have owls all over cape Coral
a members back yard

Monday, May 9, 2016

W8 too much rain

sooo this week we worked with 7 less active families! and 3 have come back to church :) it has been so great working with them! It has been raining  cats and dogs here!! it rains for like 30 min and then it just stops and its hot and humid. its great...... but anyway we started teaching English to our Brazilian friends last week! its sooo much fun! their culture is so different and they speak Portuguese soo fast!!! we have zero investigators right now..:( but that is gonna change soon! we have been visiting a part member family who is less active and the husband said that we were the missionaries that were gonna be allowed to teach the gospel to his wife because he can see that we are here to do our job and he said that he sees that we both have a different and amazing spirit! we are so excited to teach her!! #familiesareforever we are looking for more people... we knock doors all day every day... we came a cross this old guy that said that he was gonna call the cops on us and that he was gonna call our department? haha and then he went inside to grab his phone to take a pic of us soooo we ran and hid from him! it was soo funny!!
 we volunteer at this store on fridays for 3 hours and i love it! they also give us free bread! they are super nice! i hope you are all doing good! i am reading in Alma Ch 24 and i love it!!! its so great that even the lamanitas were forgiven. they trusted God so much that they buried their weapons. they sure were showing God that they were repented and ready to change. they didnt fear dead and knew that if they died in war that they would go back to God. Guys the church is true!! i miss you and i hope you all have a great week!!
we were the chefs for District meeting 

plan of salvation :)

Brazilian food

Monday, May 2, 2016

W7 IDK what week I'm at.......

Hey guys! so first of all.... we had a baptism!!! :) he is sooo happy!! it was seriously the greatest thing!! then he got up to share his testimony on sunday and it made me cry!! i love sharing the gospel and bringing others unto Christ!! its such a blessing!! he is looking forward to going to the temple in a year and i get to go with him soo i am sooo excited!!! not only did that happened but a lot of the less active members we have been visiting are coming to church now:)
 if someone could send me recepies and a list of everyones birth dates that would be great!!! i dont wanna miss out on birthdays!!! we went on exchanges this weekend and i got to go to the estero area with the YSA sisters! it was sooo much fun teaching single adults!!
people keep saying that we are supposed to get hit by hurricanes this summer.... and that its supposed to be pretty bad.... im kinda nervous for that.,..  Sooo Sister Peel and I have been finding a lot of brazilians soo we are now teaching english classes!:) it is so much fun! we go teach them and they feed us soooooo..... its a win win situation!! i loooove brazilian food!! we have been knocking doors a lot so i have a nice tan! we come across so many people!! we prayed with this guy and he started crying soooo much!! it was crazy!! then he gave us a hug (awkward) and said we were angels sent from God. it was the weirdest thing...  i am in Alma now!! where are you guys reading??  read the Book of Mormon!!! it will bless your life!! please pray that me and sister Peel find families to teach.... its hard to find them in this area of Florida...... i love you all!! keep me updated with life and hurricanes... Cant wait to skype home for mothers day:) ill be skyping at 7 PM (florida time mom and dad)
 mom I'm gonna gain weight! i was told that a mission is like having a baby.. you have to sacrifice your body for the eternal life of others.... I'll try my best to stay healthy!! please send me recipes!!!!!!!!! i need them! me and sister peel are making a book!! can i have the granola bar recipe that you make as well!!! pleaseee!! i love you guys!!! you are both the best parents in the world (mom don't cry) jk cry a little :)

we hate Kia souls... they are everywhere... we are knocking doors here

Ashley (his girlfriend who is a memeber)  and Jack and Gianna 

                                                          my view every day

Tan line
we hate Kia souls... they are everywhere... we are knocking doors here