Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Friday, July 29, 2016

W-20 Hey Hey!!!!

hey guys! so this week we were able to take andres to the temple and he is so excited to get sealed there with his family!! it was so amazing being able to see the temple finally!!
anyway!! life is great in Miami!! still hot and Humid!! i got permission officially to learn Portuguese! so president said that he might let me serve in the Portuguese branch that we have here:) 
i love all your emails and pics!! helps me get through the hard times!! 
here is the recordings of our week!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

W-19 4 Months

Dear family and Friends:
So I have been out for 4 months and let me just say how amazing its been! 
I have truly been able to feel a small token of what Jesus Christ did when he was here on earth! 
I truly love this gospel and have increased my testimony as I help others come unto the waters of baptism! 
this week has been full of ups and downs 
our District Leader got in a car accident so now they have to bike then got hit by a car while he was biking 2 days later!! it was so bad!! but he is okay:)  #brazilians 
we were able to teach Orlando, Rober and Andres even more and they are progressing so great! 
we are having a hard time with Orlando but he knows that the church is true and I know Heavenly Father will guide him and help him make the decision about baptism soon! 
i hope you all have an amazing week! 
your emails and pictures strengthen me and help me keep going!
Love you all


Elders had a car accident

Monday, July 11, 2016

W-18 Read it!! or Just listen to it

hey guys!
no one emails me anymore :( (talking about extended family).. so... thanks..... anyway
so this week was amazing!! i love everyone in the ward so much!! they are all so nice and they love us! they feed us all the time! seriously! every person we visit feeds us! even people we don't know too! sometimes we have 5 dinners a day..... :( its horrible!!! 
we are teaching people that are ready for the gospel and its amazing!! its so much fun being able to teach them and help them understand the gospel of Jesus Christ!! 
its so amazing being able to try to achieve your very best to help others! I try being like Christ each day so the people we talk to can feel his love through us! 
we are also spoiled!! we got a brand new  Altima 2017 think? oh! driving it is sooo amazing!! i love it!! anyway! i hope you all have an amazing week!  
here are pics and a weird recording of sister woods and I of our week!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

w-17 Miami Life

hey guys!
well i have survived a week in Miami! its so crazy! the traffic is insane and driving scares me but i got the hang of it! I also learned what the Cuban finger means when you drive! it means get out of the way when they give you the hand signal cause they are getting on your lane no matter what! 
 Its always raining here and the lighting is insane! and there are SO MANY LATINS!! we live in some apartments in a Latin neighborhood! i feel like I'm in mexico! there is always Latin music playing super loud even in gas stations! people have chickens and roosters so they are all over the streets! haha!!!
 Sister Woods is amazing! i love her so much! she is always happy and makes me run 2 miles each morning! We get fed all the time! I have tried all different types of food!  my favorite one is Cuban! SO SO GOOD!! 
we are teaching two people right now! one is Orlando! his daughter became a member of the church a while ago and is now on a mission so he is super nice to us! he came to church and LOVED it:) 
we are also teaching Robert who literally just came from Cuba! he is around 24 and his  mom is a member! its super hard to understand what he says cause he uses a lot of Cuban slang but its so much fun teaching him! 
yesterday we got a call to go to a funeral and we ended up singing for the funeral! it was pretty interesting haha i think we sounded good! ​
I am currently studying the subject of the second coming during my personal time and its so crazy all the things that I've been able to learn!
I know that this church is true and I know I am here in Miami for a reason! there is so much work to be done here:)
 I love you all and hope you had an amazing fourth of July!:) we had to be home at 7 so we just had  doctrine discussions! #missionaryprobs
oh we also get so many mangos by the members!!! they are amazing!!!
Love Hermana Soto
 Mango trees
My district

we have a nice house