Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Monday, September 26, 2016


so i have been in WPB for less than a week and i already love it so much! we have seen so many miracles and found so many people to teach! 3 of them have dates already and we will be giving Betty her baptism date this afternoon! we are super super excited! my new Companion is Sister Schmidt from Utah! she is super Boss and had 5 older brothers! she is the most spiritual person i have ever met and i am super excited to be working with her this transfer! one of the cool miracles we saw this week was the baptism of Gabriel! the coolest Guatemalan you will ever meet! he got baptized yesterday and he was soooo happy and had the biggest glow on his face! 
i am super excited to work in this area! all the members are super amazing and willing to help us! specially the Bishop! this Bishop is amazing! 
i am super excited about this transfer! we are gonna baptize nations here! 
things that happened this week: 
i got sick and then got sister Schmidt sick.... but we are all better now! 
i also killed a lizard by accident... i stepped on it and it was super sad... :( 
AND General Womans Broadcast was soooo good! if you guys didnt see it go repent and do so cause it was sooo amazing! i cant wait for this weekend!! anyway i love you guys sooo much! the church is true! 
2 Nephi 32 Feast upon the Words of Christ! 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

w 28 Good bye Miami

well this week was a pretty great week! we got to go to the Wynwood Block with the Zone Leaders and the Stls. we got sushi and hung out! we also had an amazing conference that got us pumped for October since we are all getting ready to give it all we got to get 100 baptisms as a mission!! 
i am soo pumped to find the family I will baptize this transfer!! 
well as well Sister Livengood and I went and said bye to the members since we will both be leaving! I will be serving in the area of West Palm Beach which is a little bit higher from Boca Raton! i am super pumped! I've heard its the promise land from other missionaries!! 
i really think my English is getting pretty bad since this is the only time i get to write it... 
anyway.. we also got to help the primary by teaching the little kids how to be missionaries and it was the cutest thing i have ever done! we also sang in sacrament meeting and it just melted my heart to sing with them.. i love all these kids sooo much. 
things i learned this week are:
Dont trust old Less active Cuban ladies. They will give you bread with alcohol in it. (true story, it happened on Friday
God will provide miracles if you have the faith that he will do such thing 
and the power of Satan is strong. this week we got a crazy experience as we were knocking some apartments. it was a crazy experience but its too long to type... :) 
and sister Livengood cannot have a camera or she'll take 500 pictures..... 
well have a good week Y'all! :) 

W-27 6 months in??

Hey guys best week ever? ah yes! this week sister Livengood and I not only caught a bunny while we were running and named it Harold..... BUT we were also able to get 7 new Investigators by the end of the week!! we went out with the faith that God would provide and he did!! I was super happy to see the fruits of our labor!! we also performed a musical number during sacrament meeting and it came out sooooooo good!!  but the things that I learned this week are the following: you shouldnt have pizza for lunch and dinner. Elders are great at planning surprise birthday parties for your companion, my jeans still fit me and the mission flies when you are having fun cause this is the last week of the transfer:( i absolutely love the Fontainebleau area and will be sooo sad if i have to leave... but God knows best so we just have to trust him! i love this gospel the members and all the people that I meet! the church is true guys!!
now we are gonna go to Downtown Miami and take cool pictures and have sushi with the Zone leaders! 
have a good week :) 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

W 26 ' Merica

Well what can I share from this week:
Sister Livengood and I bought Cuban leggings for $2.99 last monday and they are probably the best 2.99 We have ever spent. 
I had the opportunity to eat Venezuelan Arepas this week and I love them  so much!! they are soooo good!! i love Latin food!!! 
we also were able to bike often this week. we learned that here in Miami bikers and cars dont get along. as we almost got hit many times. but God does protect his missionaries! i have a testimony of that
 We Learned that God has a plan for everything, sometimes your Investigators wont show up to church and no matter how many times you call them and drive to their house to get them to church everyone has agency. We had to move Robers baptism for the 17th and after being super stressed out we know that God wanted it this way because we came out of the lesson after meeting with him and talking to him feeling super good about changing his date! Life is great! we see miracles every single day! I know that this church is true and that the work we are doing is worth every single minute of it! I hope you all have a great week!:) 

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