Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Monday, October 24, 2016

Week 33 Noche de Hispanidad

Hey guys! this week was super cool! first of all! Sister Peterson and I were the first sisters in the USA to wear pants for Proselyting! we  totally rock them! they are super interesting and fun to wear! anyway.. besides that! we were able to see so many miracles this week! the Ramirez family (including the Husband) came to the noche de hispanidad! it was super hard to get them there because of cars situation but they loved it so much!! Noche de hispanidad was sooo much fun!! we got to represent the USA so we cooked PB&J sandwiches and decorated a table with Books of Mormon and other material! it was super fun to do it! we also got to try food from 19 different countries in one night and no regrets on that one!! all the members brought so many friends and non members that we were able to talk to and get their info to go teach them! 
Our super cool bishop also is helping us teach Angel who we are trying to baptize this Sunday so pray for that miracle to happen! 
this is the last week of the Transfer (time is flying by so fast!!) so its time to rock and roll with miracle baptisms! :) 
i love you all! have a great week! 

Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 32 7months :)

Hey Guys! 
so this week I hit my 7 month mark! time is flying by and i dont like it! anyway! this week was kinda sad because i wasnt able to be home to celebrate birthdays with the family but thats okay! we were able to see so many miracles! we are still teaching the Familia Ramirez and they are the cutest! even though Satan is working super hard to get them to not go to church they are super amazing and they are going strong in the Gospel! they are reading the Book of Mormon and most important praying as a family! we are currently teaching the about the commandments and its just super fun to go over to their house (we also get lots of mexican food!) we have been also working with Betty we have been not teaching her about the Gospel though but how to read and write! she is from Honduras and did not get an education at all! so we are helping her progress so that she may be able to help her and her cute 3 little girls who we just love so much! they are sooo cute! we taught them how to pray and now they fight on who is gonna pray each time we go visit them! we also went to a baby shower on Saturday! Sister Schmidts first latin baby shower! we had such good Cuban food! it is seriously the best! 
this week we have Dia de la Hispanidad! i am soo excited for Friday! we get to eat all this Latin food! the ones im the most pumped about is Brazilian of course, Arepas, and Baliadas!! 
we also met this family from Egypt and taught us how to say all these words in Arabic! Florida is great! you never know what country you are gonna knock into!  
anyway! i love you guys so much! the mission is amazing and i am so blessed to be teaching all these people! I hope you all have a wonderful week! 
-Hermana Soto 
the scriptures that I liked this week from my personal reading was Jacob ch 5:61, 72 and 73! they are too good! missionary work and obedience! ;) 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 31 Yes I'm still alive

so this week was pretty darn crazy! on Wednesday we had a conference call with the whole mission and President said that 3 Zones were gonna be evacuated to chapels, our zone being one of them! so our district got evacuated to the Whellington chapel which was farther away from the beach for the first night. it was super fun hanging out with the sisters and the elders. we filled up the font with water we brought all of our food in and we played games the whole night. the next morning we had another conference call and our district (its 10 of us in the district) got evacuated to the Jupiter Chapel which was closer to where the Hurricane was gonna hit so we packed our stuff and booked it to the chapel. we also had to report to the Present every 3 hours and let him know we were still alive. anyway...  there we settled in (this time we all slept in the halls instead of classrooms) and we played volleyball and watched movies. even though it felt like we were literally locked in for weeks we all got to really know each other and it was a once in a life time experience! 
it was pretty darn scary to listen to all the wind and rain hit the shutters. some trees hit some of the cars but we survived. 
anyway... next big event was Gloria's baptism! mathew didnt stop us from baptizing Gloria this weekend and it was such a good baptism! she is the most happy lady ive ever met! we had all the members come and support her! 
the church is true and hopefully Hurricane Nicole doesnt hit us this week. i hate sleeping on the floor around 6 elders. not fun.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Week 30 Conference, Baptisms, hurricane

hey guys! 
this week was pretty great! we had the opportunity to finish teaching Gloria (from Colombia) her last lessons! she will be getting her interview this thursday and she will be baptized Saturday at 7! we are super excited for her! we can she how much she has changed and how much she loves the Gospel of Jesus Christ! we have also been teaching Betty she is a 22 year old from Honduras that has 3 children! she has such a hard time and we know that the gospel will help her! she doesnt have a home so she is staying with one of the members and she is illegal so she cant work! we know that the Lord will provide as she centers her life on Jesus Christ though! I am so greatful for my parents and everything that they taught me so i can have a bright future.
Did you all watch General Conference?? i thought i was so amazing! i loved all the advice and commitments our leaders left with us so we can become better  followers of Christ! i also notice that all the things they teach in Conference is all the things we teach as missionaries. so we labeled each talk to each one of the lessons that we teach! it was super cool! 
we just currently got a text that there is a hurricane that will be hitting us this week so we were told to fill up our cars with gas, and to buy food and water for the whole week! we all freaked out for a bit so pray that it doesnt hit us! 
i love you all and i am so greatful for the opportunity i have to represent our Savior Jesus Christ! it is a true honor to teach everyone about his Gospel! 
have a good week:)

 during conference
 Doing service with Capernia
 Sister Petersen during morning study
our hurricane alert