Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Monday, November 28, 2016

WEEK 38 Fidel Castro!!!!

Hey Friends and fam!
I hope that your Thanksgiving was amazing and that you were able to spend time with all your loved ones!:) this week was so amazing!
on Monday our District and the Zone Leaders all got together to play soccer at a field! it was super fun even though its super scary to play with the Elders! they are sooo tall and big!
we were also able to see so many miracles! Victor is doing so good! he is back on his feet and making us food again! He takes it to us to church now since we cant go see him:( he also called us and told us that FIDEL CASTRO is dead! all my Cubans have been parting it up apparently! I love them so much! those people have gone through so much!
We decided to stop teaching the familia Ramirez since they werent really progressing.. it was super hard and sad but because of our faith god provided us with more people to teach including the vision family that we know God had prepared for us!
Since the district is super close we all "agreed" to do red dragon together... (when you drink a bottle of laxatives) Sister Brown and I decided to outsmart everyone and changed the liquid in the bottle to water. so while the whole district suffered we enjoyed our sleep;)
We had thanksgiving with the familia Canales from Honduras and it was super good! they invited their Brazilian member from San Paulo! :)
its still super hot and we are working hard! i love the mission  field so much and I love all of the people here!
i hope you all have a good week!
PS apparently trump came to have thanksgiving in West Palm #honored

Monday, November 21, 2016

Week 37 el dia del Pavo

This week was so crazy. 
first of all! Victor our investigator got hit by a car as he was walking by the people that are following him from Cuba! it broke my heart when we were told that for our safety we werent gonna be able to visit him anymore! he is the most amazing person I have ever met and I know that God is gonna watch out for him at all times! the members of the ward are taking good care of him! 
SHAILA RAMIREZ finally came to church!! i was so happy!! she loved it so much! she truly felt the spirit so strong! you could see the glow on her face!! :) 
we also had our thanksgiving ward party friday and bishop made me play the Violin in front of everyone! i was so nervous cause i wasnt able to practice at all!! and when i started playing it like 8 members took out their phones and started recording me! :( 
I hope you all have an amazing thanksgiving! I am so greatful for the Gospel that is in my life and that I am able to share with the world. I am so thankful for the opportunity i have to be a representative of Jesus Christ. i am so greatful for my Savior and for all the things that he did for me so I can live with him again. and I am so greatful for my family and for all the support and strength that they give me! 
i love you all! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 36 it's still hot

hey guys! 
this week was probably the most stressful week of my life! we are teaching so many people but non of them are cool or have true desires so we are probably gonna be dropping them soon! its super sad because i love every single one of them with all my heart! other than that! life is great here in West Palm! its been fun teaching sister Brown Spanish phrases and making her talk all the time at doors! Even though she hates it... her Spanish is getting better! so does everyone hate Florida because Trump won?? every one is so happy here! there are Flags everywhere signs all over the place! people ask us if we are happy! we avoid all those convos;) 
Thanksgiving is coming up! im super excited to have a south america thanksgiving!! we are gonna have our ward party on friday! im expecting some arepas or pupusas! we will see.... 
the work is great! the heat is still in the 90s and we are working hard to find all those souls who need the gospel! 
please keep 
Shaila, Joana, jonathan, pedro, Donald, Marina, Yadira, Adriana, Victor in your prayers :) 
we love you!!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 35 first week of the transfer

so this week was amazing!! i had to teach Gospel Principles because the teacher didnt come and my companion doesnt speak spanish.. so I did a little prayer in my head and God did the rest because somehow I was able to teach it! 
its been super cool helping Hermana Brown learn about missionary work! we have been working a lot on her spanish! she is super cute and is always willing to talk whenever i make her talk at doors! it might not be perfect but she is willing to try and that is all that matter! :) 
its been super fun taking over this area and becoming a leader! my motto right now is "fake it till you make it" because I still dont know what im doing but at least it seems like i do! Ive been relying a lot on God!! Juan (Gabriels brother) got his mission call!! and the tradition of this ward is to open it on Sunday with the whole ward! He is going to Tampa! :) we are super happy for him! so we are gonna start taking him to lessons so he can start getting the hang of things! im basically training two people ! 
life is great! we are seeing so many miracles! 
God is so good!! 

My Mom Me and My Daughter

with sister Peel

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

week 34 I'm having a baby girl!!!

This week was so great! not only did we have Juniors Baptism! the whole mission baptized 86 souls this month! we will work harder so we can get that 100 in November!! 
Sister Schimdt and I worked so hard this week and we were able to find 6 new Investigators! I know that the Lord has been helping us be guided to those people that are ready to hear the Gospel!! so for this next transfer I will be staying in West Palm Beach and will be training! Sister Schmidt will be going to Naples!:)  i am so excited to be able to help a new missionary coming in learn, grow and help adjust to missionary life!! we are still working with the Ramirez family! they are awesome and still progressing super well! we are also teaching Angel! a young men with 3 kids who is doing everything he can to raise them! i love those little kids so much! they are super crazy and dont listen to his dad but they listen to us so at least we can kinda teach him! :) Gloria and Hugo also took us out to eat Colombian food! we got the traditional "Bandeja Paisa" for those who dont know what it is... Google it and be jealous cause it was SOOO GOOD!!  we had a trunk or treat as well and we passed out candies to the little kids and Pictures of Jesus Christ! sister Schmidt and I also got in the contest competition (we dressed up as sister missionaries) and didnt win... but thats okay..  I know that the Lord is always helping us with all our trials and I know that the church is true! you guys are awesome! :) have a great week!