Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Week 51 #22

Hey everyone! 
thank you so much for the birthday wished! you are all so amazing!! my birthday started off so great! the sisters i lived with woke me up at midnight and sang happy birthday to me. i pretty much got a heart attack. they also decorated the whole living room with balloons! it was super cute! im so greatful for them! 
I will be staying in Ft Laud for another transfer and my new Companion is Sister Flavel! she is super cute so i am excited for her to come meet all the wonderful people of FT Laud! 
we had the opportunity to go to the temple last saturday! it was so great to go inside! Carlos (sister Larsons recent convert) loved it so much and I got to see some of the members from west palm! it was great! 
we are teaching so many people right now! they are all so cute! Satan is trying so hard to bring them down but he aint got nothing on us! :) 
last Pday Bishop Brown did sister Larsons funeral and it was so funny! we all had a good time! 
i am so greatful to be here in Florida serving the Lord at this time of my life. I have seen so many miracles that i wouldnt trade for anything in the world! the Church is true, thats all i can say!:)
PS: our Juice Diet went great. it was awful at first but we have come to love it now. 

what our living room currently looks like

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Week #50 Diets for days

Hey Guys! 
this week was boss!! we had the best FHE ever! the ward loved it and all of our investigators came!! 
out family of 9 and Chris! also Shon (someone we found at the beginning of the transfer) reached out to us and came to church as well on sunday! they are all so cool and are walking towards the waters of baptism in a couple of weeks! 
the sisters and I are going on a juice diest this week so we took a picture of our last supper haha we made hamburgers yesterday.
sister Larson and I get to go in the temple next week and we are super excited!! finishing the transfer strong by seeing someone walk in for the first time:) the best part is that we will get to see many of the members of the west palm ward:) 
Bishop brown will be having a baptist funeral for sister Larson today which we are super excited about!:) thats about all the craziness in our lives! 
oh its also my birthday next week! i guess thats another event we will be celebrating here with the zone next week ! :) 
anyway.. love you all! stay fresh ;) 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Week 49 Happy Valentines

Hey hey! 
this week was so good! last monday we were able to talk to some ladies on the street. we went to give them a card and they ended up being super interested in the gospel! little did we know that it was 3 different families with like 6 people each! oh my! we were so happy to have found them! we also found a family of 8 last night! God is blessing us way too much! we had zone training this week and it went way good! sister Larson and I gave a little training and it went so good!
there is a family in our ward that lives on a boat and we got permission to eat in it with the elders we share the ward with. it was so cool! The Prows family is way cute! the moon here for the past couple of nights has been beautiful! its been so so big! ive never seen it that beautiful! blessings to be here in Florida for sure :) 
a year ago i also got the opportunity to go to the temple! i am so greatful for the Gospel and all the blessings that we obtain! 
1 Nephi 17:13 :) 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Week 48 10 hour P day

hey hey!
well this week was super confusing trying to get used to the new mission schedule. we definitely have more flexibility which is nice! 
the 3 sisters that i live with and I went to buy matching Jamaican skirts and they are the greatest thing that have ever happen to us. they are so awesome...
this week I was able to do 3 exchanges with my lovely sisters and they were way fun! i love exchanges! all of the sisters are so special and are doing so amazing! 
we are really focusing to help them always remember that they are beautiful daughters of God. 
we also had interviews and our mission conference. which was way fun. i literally almost cried when I saw sister Brown again. 
we are teaching an awesome lady named Jo Maria who is so cool! when we invited her to be baptized she literally danced and sang "im gonna be baptized on the 24th"  it was way too good! she also wants to celebrate by feeding us this Thursday and wants us to invite all the other missionaries! life is great in the Ft Laud area! we are working our hardest to reach our goal of 8 baptisms this transfer! 6 to go;) I know God has those people ready for us! 
love you all !