Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Week #63 YSA

Hey Hey guys! 
how was everyones week? 
life in the YSA is super great! Sister Adams is awesome! She is from a town called Wichita (accent on the A) in Kansas. Some of the talents she has develop here in Estero that i hope i obtain as well are the art of cockroach killing and money management. 
our first day together Sister Adams made me knock an all guys apartment building our first day together and got to pray at every single door something that has never happened on my mission.
but for real. she is awesome! this area is huge and our sisters are amazing! we were able to go to The Cape (my birth area) to help the sisters there and it was so weird to be back! i got to talk to some of the people that i worked with and it literally filled my heart with Joy when i heard how strong in the Gospel they are! 
as well we got to go to the temple to do baptisms for the dead with Jonathan this Monday and He loved it so much! He is so awesome and is super excited to go on a mission! 
I love this Gospel so so much! this area is great and im excited for the many miracles God has for me here! 
sorry for the bad quality pictures.

week #62 Estero YSL

transfers have come to an end and i will be transferring to Estero YSA still as an STL!! im so excited to go serve with Sister Adams!! 
this week was great! our district decided to become MOTAB and we did a musical number for all 3 wards in the building we meet at. i dont even know how or why but we did! it was great! 
I also got a chance to go say bye to all of my recent converts and investigators and of course i had to stop by Leon even though we arent teaching him anymore.
i decided to share my favorite scripture with him and it was amazing how as i shared it a light in his brain turned on and everything just made so much sense! i know he will get baptize as he takes action on the faith that he has on or savior and follows him! 
i totally forgot to take pictures this week but ill try again next week! 
well im gonna go party in the YSA now in naples;) 
have a good week! love you all! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Week 61 Happy mother's Day

hey hey! how was every ones mothers day? 
ours was so great! we had the chance to celebrate it at the Dibbles house! who are pretty much like our parents! they take really good care of us! 
skyping with the fam was so so great! i miss all of you so so much! i felt like i was at home with all the craziness going around and many people talking at the same time! im so glad i was able to spend a little time with all of you! 
my favorite scripture for mothers day that i found is Alma 56:45-48
this week can be explained in one sentence pretty much. we were in house arrest for 4 days because of my cold! we had interviews with President on Tuesday and he saw me and the first thing he told me was "Sister Soto... you dont look good at all;" "thanks President.."
 so we watched the 3 movies that we are allowed to watch. i definitely know the Testaments by memory. we are still teaching Ryan and Andrew! they are awesome and really different! 
i love you all! :) have a good week! 
next week is pros monday because of transfers so ill be emailing on Tuesday;) 

Monday, May 8, 2017

Week # 60 Baptizing with a cold

well this week was great! we had another baptism! Richard entered into the waters of baptism yesterday and he was so so happy! the sad part is that Elder Lyons got a really bad cold last week and gave it to me! so i was so sick yesterday and still am :( thats about all i got for you! i feel horrible haha :( i am super excited to skype home! i cant believe time flies! i swear it was just Christmas! oh well! 
im also sitting in our apartment lounge and they keep playing songs that I've never heard! i didnt realize how unplugged from the world missionaries are! i sure can tell you which houses latins and haitians live at or what age the person will be before even  knocking the house. haha we develop weird talents on the mission i guess
pray for sister Soto and her bad cold! :( 
love you all have a good week!

brother Beatty , Richard and us

Monday, May 1, 2017

week 59 The end of the rise of the FFLM

well its the end of April! we were able to see so many miracles here in the greatest land on the Earth! the Mission was able to end with 77 baptism! it was pretty good! we had a baptism yesterday!! Harriet got baptized!! the first person that is baptized and i find from knocking doors! it was great! :) 
also two guys that we prayed with on Tuesday and invited to church actually showed up! it was pretty great! they are now set to be baptized the 20th of may:) 
Richard as well is good to go with his baptism date of the 7th! he is super cool and loves church so much! we are excited for him! 
so many cool miracles! well that was our crazy weekend!