Hermana Brenda Soto

Hermana Brenda Soto

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

week #73 Departing Interview and MLC

Hey this week was super busy! 
so we had a couple of exchanges with the Sisters which are always a party! i love all of them so much! they are all so loving and hard working! we are blessed with the best! 
I had my last District Training! Elder Anderson really gave the greatest DT and also made us give Elder Thatcher a makeover as a representation of stepping out of your comfort zone (pictures will be sent!) he still loves us... kind of.. 
we had MLC as well! we took our monthly road trip to Ft Lauderdale and it was so great! super spiritual and many great things were disused  during the meeting with our President! this mission is going towards the greatest path its ever gone!! 
I had my Departing Interview with President Garns and it was so great! he gave me so many great tools on self reliance, keeping my missionary routine and some other Gospel doctrine topics! He is super great and called me by my first name which was pretty weird!  
finally this morning we got pranked by the Elders and a member of their ward at 5 am! more details will be given when I get home.. 

I am super excited for this week! we are so busy! which is good!! we'll have our Zone Conference tomorrow down in Miami so we have another great drive ahead of us!! 

I love you all! see you next week! literally;)